Lasting fragility

There is no thing in the world as fragile as music. But the technology to amplify it, can last forever.

Mediocrity is meaningless

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Not everything worth having, is worth having forever. Wear and tear is inevitable, and due to technical progress, products become obsolete.

But the pace of change is more often dictated by fads and fashion– tapping into the fear of being left behind, the fear of being old fashioned, or worse, the fear of being old – than by technical necessity. Maybe this has its commercial and economic benefits, but all these products pay a heavy toll on the world’s resources and waste dumps.

We do not design for the dump. Nor do we use up more of the earth’s resources than necessary. We make products that last.

Extremely exclusive amplifiers

Our acoustic power hardly needs electricity to outperform the worlds very best amplifiers.

Available in aluminium or titanium casing.

Not produced for the dump; Moonbow amplifiers are engineered to last 100 years.

Each amplifier is custom made and uniquely numbered. Available for people who care all over the world, for € 80 000.


If you would like to hear for yourself,  please contact … for an appointment.

We are very happy to let you experience the Moonbow Amplifier in your own home or yacht, wherever in the world that may be.